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We believe that ample potential of law in regulating, inter alia, cross-border relations has not been fully unraveled. If interpreted and applied in a wrong manner, this efficient toolkit can equally become an obstacle, especially due to the existence of national borders.

Evidently, as long as legal regulation of cross-border relations (including private international law, law of international trade and foreign law) remains terra incognita, international activity will remain without guidelines to follow.

Today, both foreign and Russian participants in cross-border relations must have a clear understanding of how state courts, other Russian and foreign authorities as well as commercial arbitrations function internationally.

It is necessary to realize how to apply international legal regulation in Russia or abroad and how to apply Russian law in other countries and foreign law in Russia.

It is also especially important to understand under what conditions judgments of foreign state courts and arbitral awards can be efficiently enforced in Russia, and judgments of Russian courts - outside Russia.

Ample and rapidly developing Russian market preserves and increases its attractiveness for foreign persons. To efficiently participate  in international relations with Russian persons, foreign persons must know domestic "rules of the game", that is clearly understand them, keep track of their changes and take part in their development. Otherwise, even the most promising cross-border projects face grave legal obstacles. 

The mission of the Association of Private International and Comparative Law Studies is to help tackle all these problems and to search for legal solution to the challenges of globalization.

We do not isolate research from practice. Neither do we share a purely pragmatic attitude to law.

Our major asset is provision of high-quality legal information customized to the needs and peculiarities of particular participants in international cooperation.

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