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The Association carries out research in the fields of international trade law, private international and comparative law, public regulation of cross-border relations as well as in certain areas of public international law.

The subject-matter of its research is rules of national legal systems and international treaties, law enforcement practice of state courts, arbitral tribunals and other bodies, legal doctrine concerning foreign-related matters.

The Association contributes to spreading abroad information on Russian law as well as Russian lawyers, and in Russia - on international and foreign regulation and legal practice, through publications, Web-sites, translation of statutory and enforcement acts and otherwise.

The Association prepares and arranges publication of research results and documents of international and foreign organizations.

The Association takes an active part in establishing and maintaining interaction between state authorities and civil society as regards foreign-related matters, as well as reveals the areas where such interaction would be most advantageous.

The Association contributes to implementation of international legal projects.

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